E&O- July ’13

Scores: GFG 2/ Z 23/ H 2


E&O is a Will Richer restaurant in Notting Hill that shares a similar pan-Asian menu with several others in the group.  I have eaten in restaurants from the group many times, but E&O is by far the one I have visited most often.  We ate here early on a Saturday evening as we were meeting friends in the area at 8, and while we were some of the only ones in the restaurant when we got there at about 6:30, from about 7pm the restaurant started to fill up.


Peppered tuna


Sea bass sashimi with yuzu and truffle

Black cod & king prawn shu mai, pepper miso (£7.00) was quite nice, although the dumpling was probably a little heavy.  This came covered in a sweet miso sauce with I think is what they serve their main black cod dish with.  Peppered tuna (£11) with miso aioli was disappointing, the tuna looked good but was lacking in flavour and the seaweed outer layer was very hard.  Salmon sushi rolls (£8) were of an okay standard, conversely sea bass sashimi with yuzu and truffle oil (£10) was perhaps the best dish.  This is a similar dish to one served in both Nobu and Dinings and the sharpness of the yuzu cuts though the oil and adds balance to the dish.

The wild pink shrimp tempura with spicy mayo, similar to Nobu’s rock shrimp, had decent enough batter however we felt that it was expensive for what it was at £18.50.  A chicken phad thai (£10.50) was okay but was missing some of the flavour and balance that comes from a really good version.  This was partly because the dish does not come mixed together (i.e. the peanuts, chilli, lime and beansprouts are separated out in the corners of the plate) so it needs a very thorough mix up to get it to taste as good as it can.  Overall the meal was fine for a quick early evening supper; however, I have definitely found it to be better in the past.

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Pink shrimp tempura


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