Made in Camden- July ’13

Scores: GFG NEW/ Z 24/ H 3

Before a concert at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm my friend and I decided to actually eat something decent rather than our usual habit of running to Nandos or grabbing a Maroush on the way home.  We also figured that eating before the concert would be better for our heads’ the next morning.  Looking at the fairly limited options in the area we decided to actually give the Roundhouse’s own restaurant: Made in Camden a go.  This seems to get regularly good reviews and it is always sensible to be close to a venue if you want to be on time.

One problem with this restaurant’s menu (and it is not the first one to have this problem) is that it is supposed to be a small plates/ sharing menu; however, a few of the dishes that passed us by seemed unsuitable for sharing (particularly the lamb and the burger.)

We order the calamari with yuzu aioli and chilli jam (£6.50), the sea bass with cream tahini and orange (£8.25), the king prawns with chilli, fried peppers, fennel and slow roasted cherry tomatoes (8.25), and the harissa & yoghurt marinated corn-fed chicken, spicy roasted baby potatoes and pickled aubergine (£14.75).

The calamari was not great, the batter was just not right.  Both the sea bass and the prawns were better, both being average dishes which I would order again.  The best dish was the chicken which seemed to be a speciality.  This was served on a platter and was a very generous sized portion; it is also available in sizes for 2 or 4 with the portion for four seeming like decent value for £44.75.  The meat was very moist and slightly spicy and the occupying baby potatoes were a good combination.

This meal was good enough for pre-concert fodder and was suitable to fill one up before a few drinks and singing (badly) along.  If I was going to another gig in the Roundhouse I would be happy to dine there again.

2.5/ 5
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