BBQ Whisky Beer (pop-up @ The Wargrave Arms)- July ‘13


Finally there seems to be some good American food in London!  Decent burgers are everywhere and now we also have some good BBQ food as well.  I had heard that BBQ Whisky Beer is good and you can actually book, unlike Pit Cue co. (which is an excellent BBQ restaurant but an absolute nightmare to get in unless you can get down there for dead on 5pm early in the week.)  As another blog commented, if this was in Soho or the East it would be booked out well in advance- thankfully it is off the Edgware Road and thus I booked the day before for a Wednesday night.  Actually it is really quite central, being a 10mins walk from Mable Arch or 5 from Edgware Road tube (but don’t tell anyone as I’ll be going back).

Although The Wargrave Arms is Youngs pub it maintains its own character and has a massive selection of whiskeys from around the world.  It seems to be quite a pleasant place to have a pint or to sit and eat.


The menu featured about 5 starters including nachos and ‘Fryer Trash’ which was a pulled pork based dish.  Mains are predominantly various manifestations of burgers, ribs and chicken.  We started with a large portion of hot wings that were served with a mild blue cheese dip and celery sticks.  These were coated in a sweet and sour sauce that had a growing heat which actually made them quite spicy even though they initially appeared to be reasonably mild.  This sauce is slightly different from what I would call a “traditional” hot wing sauce; which for me is less sweet, sourer and has a real buttery edge.  Overall the wings were very good; however, one criticism would be that in our case a few of them were very small and thus lacking in meat (smaller halves).

For the main course we shared some St Louis cut pork ribs and a Jacobs ladder cut beef rib; this was the winner of Ribstock 2013 beating competition including Neil Rankin, the Blue Boar Smokehouse and the Red Dog Salon.  Pork ribs were excellent, probably the best ones that I have had in London- perfectly tender with a good char and a sweet and smoky taste. The beef rib was perhapseven better; it again had a great char and the sweet BBQ sauce helped combine to create an incredible outer layer.  These were perfect in texture- tender but not too tender.  All in all a top dish; however, I think that it may be slightly too rich to eat on one’s own (I had the help of two other hungry men).

Jacobs ladder cut beef rib

Jacobs ladder cut beef rib

The burgers also looked good as they flew past; however, if (WHEN) I come back I don’t think I could order anything other than ribs.

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