Min Jiang (dim sum)- August ‘13


Scores: Z 26/ H1

I go to Min Jiang fairly regularly, mainly for dim sum at lunchtime, but sometimes in the evenings as well.  It is one of my favourite dim sum restaurants along with Pearl Liang and Yauatcha.  The restaurant is situated on the top (10th) floor of the Royal Garden Hotel on Kensington High Street and offers a stunning view over Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park with the City and West End in the background.  The décor is fairly neutral with dark wood, pottery and old photos paying tribute to China.

Steamed crab meat dumplings

Steamed crab meat dumplings

Steamed siew mai with pork and prawns

Steamed siew mai with pork and prawns

Although some of the fried dishes available, such as duck rolls, are quite good I tend to usually order the steamed dishes when I come here. On my most recent visit, the steamed crab meat dumplings were great, with a really good wrapping and full of shellfish flavour.  Likewise, the steamed pumpkin dumpling with mixed seafood contained plenty of flavour.  Steamed siew mai with pork and prawns had a lovely meaty taste, while the steamed sweetcorn dumplings were a bit of a let-down as they did not contain enough filling.



Prawn cheung fun was a decent example of the dish, well cooked, with some good sized prawns.  Steamed xiaolongbao (Shanghai soup dumpings) were very good, being well made and with both the meat filling and soup having bags of taste.  Poached Beijing dumpling with chicken, prawns, Chinese chive and dried Shiitake were the only item to be served in 4s, the rest having 3 dumplings per portion.  These had quite a meaty flavour and were complemented by a slight sweet, sour and spicy sauce which really made the dish.

Prawn cheung fun

Prawn cheung fun

Stir-fried turnip cake with XO sauce was also very good if slightly different; this is actually bits of radish in a light coating that has been stir fried with lots of bean sprouts.  The XO was made hotter by bits of chili through the dish.

Stir-fried turnip cake with XO sauce

Stir-fried turnip cake with XO sauce

Most of the dishes are around £4.50 to £5 with the turnip cake and xiaolongbao being dearer.  This is pretty expensive for dim sum (Pearl Liang is notably cheaper) but given the location, the view and the quality, it is well worth it.  The service was very efficient if a little cold but overall this was a very pleasant lunch.

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