BBQ Whisky Beer (pop-up @ The Wargrave Arms)- September ‘13


This was my second visit to the Wargrave Arms, see my first review here, this time I tried a couple of different starters but the main courses of ribs proved too hard to resist.

Chicken wings

Chicken wings

We had a small portion of chicken wings; this contained 6 full wings that were halved to give 12 bits.  These again were very good; the hot and sweet sauce working well with them.  BBQ rib tips were the end of cooked ribs, thus the rib equivalent of burnt ends.  These had an intense smoky flavour that was very pleasant, although the texture may have been a bit chewy for some.  Another starter of fryer trash was made up of the crispy bits of chips topped with pulled pork and BBQ sauce.  Although I found the pulled pork itself to be very nice, this was a bit ‘dirty’ for me personally!  It was also huge, at least a decent main course portion.

Rib tips

Rib tips

Fryer trash

Fryer trash

Again we shared St Louis cut pork ribs and Jacobs ladder cut beef rib for the mains.  This time I decided that the beef ribs (which won Ribstock 2013) were the clear winner between the two!  The combination of a great char with a perfect tenderness and sweetness from the BBQ sauce makes this quite a dish.  There is something special of biting though the flavoursome bark into the tender center.  The fact that the bones can be easily removed also makes these very easy to eat, in our case perhaps too quickly.


St Louis cut pork ribs

The pork ribs were probably a touch less good compared to the last time I visited as on this occasion they were not as tender.  These were still very good but I just think that the beef ones are a more special dish.  Triple cooked chips were better than last time as most were perfectly done this time rather than the last time where a proportion was overly hard.  Although with all the meat in our stomachs we didn’t finish everything (unheard of!)

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