Chakra- September ‘13

Scores: 3 GFG / Z 21 / H 3 

Chakra is a couple of year old restaurant at the Holland Park Avenue end of Notting Hill Gate, this area has historically not contained much in the way of restaurants but perhaps things are slowly improving.  It was set up by the owners of a Vama, a now closed Indian restaurant, which was on the Kings Road (I never actually made it to Vama, but I almost went several of times…,) and I came to Chakra a couple of times when it first opened but had not been since.

The restaurant has very noticeable upscale décor, which I am not totally sure about!  Most of the tables feature bright cream seating and then at the back there is a separate room where the seating and walls are dark brown.  Like the previous times we’ve visited we were sat in the front bit with the cream seating.

Surkhi Jingha

Surkhi Jingha

An amuse bouche of a spiced chickpea kebab was nice with a relatively smooth texture and a nice spicy taste.  Popadoms were also provided along with some green chutney, these were quite good- the ones on top were very crispy but some nearer the bottom had excess oil on them.

Lamb kebabs

Lamb kebabs

A starter of Surkhi Jingha- marinated tandoori prawns was good, the prawns were good quality and a decent size and although they tasted of the tandoor they were still suitably tender.  These came with a mild masala like sauce as well as some chutney. Lamb sheek kebabs, served with chutney were okay, they were tender and had some spice to them but the lamb could have had more flavour and the spicing could have been better.

Roasted quail

Roasted quail

A main of roasted quail was cooked nicely medium, however, some of it still managed to be a little dry.  The marinade here was good and gave plenty of flavour to the meat; this was also served with some of the same sauce that came with the lamb.  Bengal fish curry contained a white meaty fish (I will not hazard a guess as to what fish it was) with potatoes in a thick onion and tomato sauce that was well spiced with chilli, turmeric and mustard amongst other ingredients.  This was a tasty dish with good sized chunks of fish in a zingy sauce although I felt there was as much potato as fish!  A side of Tarka dhal had plenty of taste and a nice creamy texture that was not too watery.   Rice and a plain roti were fine.

Bengal fish curry

Bengal fish curry

This was quite a good meal, in nice surroundings; however, it is pretty expensive for what it is.

2.5/ 5
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