Roka (CW) – Sept. ‘13

Scores: 4 GFG / Z 26/ H 1



Although there are quite a few restaurants in the O2 in North Greenwich, many of them serve sub-standard American food.  Usually when going to an event in the area I book the Gaucho in advance as this is a good, albeit expensive, option.  Also the fact that they accept bookings means that one can plan in advance and there’s no need to get stressed in some of the large queues that form outside other places as you approach kick off.  On this occasion, however, we could not get a booking in the Gaucho, despite trying 3 days in advance.  This may have been due to the slightly older (and thus perhaps more organised) crowd that was attending the concert compared to the usual crowds at the events I’ve been to at the O2.  Instead we stopped one stop away in Canary Wharf and went to Roka, where I had been previously for brunch.

Tuna tataki with apple mustard dressing

Tuna tataki with apple mustard dressing

Spicy tuna and avocado rolls with jalapeño mayonnaise were disappointing; the fish was served on top and was quite a small bit of not great quality, the tuna got totally lost.  Salmon rolls with avocado and asparagus were slightly better.  On the other hand tuna tataki with apple mustard dressing was very good, the fish here was cut in to nice sized bits and the apple mustard dressing was sweet and tangy but did not overshadow the fish.

Lobster and black cod dumplings with ponzu

Lobster and black cod dumplings with ponzu

We ordered two different types of dumplings; lobster and black cod ones with ponzu were good.  The filling was very nice but the individual flavours were not clear; however, the ponzu sauce worked really well- lifting the dish.  Beef, ginger and sesame dumplings were not as good, they had a strong meaty flavour although they tasted a little rich, maybe some more ginger would have helped.


Asparagus with sweet soy and sesame

Chicken yakitori with spring onion was well cooked and the chicken had a good flavour. Asparagus with sweet soy and sesame was also very well cooked; with just the right amount of bite and the sesame was a nice addition.

Salmon sashimi was of very good quality whereas yellowtail was just okay although neither were close to the quality of the fish at Sushi Tetsu (see review). Overall I think that the robata dishes here are the best thing thus I wished that I had ordered more.  I am also not convinced that the food here is as good as at the original Fitzrovia Roka.

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