2014 London Michelin Stars

Who knows what the real criteria is for the awarding of Michelin stars.  At the end of the day a one star restaurant is supposed to be ‘A very good restaurant in its category’ but let’s face it given their rarity they are generally regarded as being more prestigious than this description suggests.

Below are my thoughts on the latest changes to London restaurants in the guide, which is now available in the shops.

Two Stars – New
Dinner by Heston- I have not been in a while but sceptical about this.
The Greenhouse- I have not been under the new chef but have had a few top class meals here in the past.

One Star – New
Ametsa- hmm… maybe at a very long push. I found it very disappointing.
Angler- have to admit I barely have heard of it; I don’t think it is in the GFG for example.
Bo London- may deserve it on technical cooking but still some dishes are just a bit weird in terms of flavours and it is so overpriced (I know this does not matter but still…).
Brasserie Chavot- the food there was very good so in terms of being one of the best in its category, yes maybe.
HKK- def. deserves this, I think this could perhaps get a second in the future.
Lima- had a very nice meal there but not sure it warrants a star.
Outlaws at the Capital- not been but mainly because I keep hearing average reports.
Social Eating House- I had a very good meal here but I think this is possibly too much as a recent meal in PSS was still much better and personally I don’t think PSS merits 2.
Story- have not been yet but keen to try.

One star, down from two
L’atelier de Joel Robuchon- I had a very mixed meal here this year so maybe it’s not that surprising.

Lost star
Petersham Nurseries- change of chef.

I would be interested to know if the Clove Club was overlooked or is just a bit too new to have had a visit from the inspectors.

This may be seen to be a pretty conservative list in some ways.  Many of the restaurants already have Michelin connections, although okay I know this may just mean that the chef patrons are good:

Dinner by Heston- sister rest. of a 3 star.
Ametsa- sister rest. of a 3 star .
Bo London- sister rest. of a 2 star.
Brasserie Chavot- chef is the former holder of 2 stars.
HKK- sister rest. of two 1 star places.
Outlaws at the Capital- sister rest. of a 2 star.
Social Eating House- sister rest. of a 1 star.

However, on the other hand it is nice to see 2 more Asian cuisine focused restaurants as well as the first Spanish and South American places on the list.

More in Chowhound @ http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/918182


3 thoughts on “2014 London Michelin Stars

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