Little Social

Scores: 6 GFG / Z 26/ H 3

I thought by the time I finally got around to visiting Little Social then I would have visited all of Jason Atherton’s London based restaurants.  However, the opening last month of Berners Tavern means that I still have one to go…  This may soon become two depending on when he opens another restaurant in the place formally occupied by Rhodes 24.  This, in addition to 6 restaurants and growing in Asia and one planned in the US, makes JA a busy boy (although he still has time to go on Saturday Kitchen)!

Roasted quail breast with confit leg, sautéed foie gras and cherries.

Roasted quail breast with confit leg, sautéed foie gras and cherries.

Little Social is straight across the street from PSS and is loosely styled on a modern French brassiere.  Although sometimes food is by far the most important part of a meal, many times it is only one of the factors; good drinks and a good atmosphere are also essential factors for some good nights out.  Despite being quite a long and thin space in which only one table is directly next to a window this is quite an attractive restaurant. It is well lit and decorated featuring booths and art deco posters of French holiday resorts.  The atmosphere is buzzy and on this night the place was packed.

Cornish cod and cockles

Cornish cod and cockles

We started with some interesting twists on old French cocktails while we looked at the very tempting menu.   A starter of roasted quail breast with confit leg, sautéed foie gras, cherries, young almonds (£14.50) looked very good and two of our party chose it.  We were not disappointed, all the quail was excellently cooked and the foie gras was a good combination.  As one may expect the cherry added a good contrast, on the other hand the almonds were a little hard and I found them unnecessary but overall this was a great dish.  A salad of crab, tomato and radish with miso tomato dressing and marinated beetroot (£10.50) was also a very good, well balanced dish.

Seabass with mushroom and pork belly

Seabass with mushroom and pork belly

A main of roasted Cornish cod, cockles, butterbeans, spring cabbage with cabbage pesto (£21.00) was a great dish.  The cod was very well cooked and the cockles worked well with it, the earthy cabbage helped balance the relatively rich sauce: this was a tasty dish.  Seabass with mushroom and pork belly, gem lettuce and a tomato salsa was pretty good.  In fact everything on the plate was excellent, well cooked fish, flavoursome pork, earthy mushrooms and a zingy salsa.  However, I felt that it just did not quite work as a combination, particularly the mushrooms with the fish.  A burger (£15) also looked good and my friend sung the praises of the braised lamb shank with soft polenta (£21.50).IMG_0679

We skipped deserts but the menu looked good.  I would recommend Little Social to anyone for a great night out; the food here is very good and there is plenty on the menu to tempt and the service and atmosphere is top notch.

3/ 5
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