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I am fortunate to live not too far from two of IMO London’s top dim sum places: Pearl Liang and Min Jiang.  Also fairly close to where I live is Dragon Palace, a Chinese restaurant on the Earls Court Road which has a reasonable reputation for its dim sum. I had been there before for an evening meal, which was decent but nothing more, but never for dim sum.

Crab & Pork Dumplings Shanghai Style

Crab & Pork Dumplings Shanghai Style

We ordered a variety of stuff but concentrated on the steamed dumplings.  These happened to be pretty good overall. Scallop & Prawn Dumplings (£4.50), Prawn & Chive Dumplings (£3.00) and Prawn Crystal Ball (£3.00) we’re all very good- well cooked with perfect texture and good fillings.

Char Siu ma lak Cheung Fun

Char Siu ma lak Cheung Fun

Hai Wong Siu Long Bau: Crab & Pork Dumplings Shanghai Style (£3.50) on the other hand were very poor. They were far too thick and did not contain much soup and the filling did not taste that pleasant.

Pan Fried Shanghai Dumplings

Pan Fried Shanghai Dumplings

Char Siu ma lak Cheung Fun (£3.50) was an interesting twist on traditional Cheung fun, it has a topping of dried chilli and the sauce was a mix of soy and chili oil. The chili heat was a nice addition although if I had it again I would have the prawn version as I found there to be not much meat in this one.

Honey roasted pork puffs

Honey roasted pork puffs

Pan Fried Shanghai Dumplings Filled with Pork & vegetables (£2.80) were well cooked and contained a nice amount of filling. One of the other best dishes were the Honey roasted pork puffs (£3.00), these were a very good example.  ‘Squid Cakes’, actually Pan fried Cuttlefish Pates with Coriander. (£3.50) were over-fried.

Overall not bad but nothing compared to the two restaurants mentioned above.

2/ 5
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