Sushi Taro (Washington DC)

Sushi Taro is located on the 1st floor (UK) above a convenience store near DuPont circle, it is quite a spacious restaurant but the decor is fairly nondescript. There is a bar at the front and also a sushi bar at the side where it is possible to have a full omakase with an individual chef (you have to book this using a separate system); however, this is not available on a Monday.

Wild prawn and vegetable tempura

Wild prawn and vegetable tempura

We started with wild prawn and vegetable tempura ($18) and then had a sushi omakase ($45) each.  The tempura was good, the batter was a great consistency and the prawns were good quality and a nice size.  The other pieces included some lotus flower, asparagus, mushroom, sweet potato, onion and a couple of bits of aubergine.

The sushi selection here included 12 pieces of nigiri and also a spicy tuna cut roll.  The nigiri selection included fairly standard stuff including akami, chu toro, white salmon, mackerel, Japanese mackerel, yellowtail shrimp and salmon roe. The fish was all very fresh and in general of a good quality; the only disappointment was the jumbo shrimp which was actually quite tough.

Sushi omakase

Sushi omakase

Overall here the fish was very good; however, it was not up to the standard of 15 East in NYC the week before.  I also do not think, despite the restaurants claims, that it is that much cheaper than similar standard places in NYC.

3/ 5
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