The Source (Washington DC)

Another day, another restaurant owned by a famous American chef.  Wolfgang Puck is the owner of Spago, a very famous restaurant in Beverly Hills (as well as many other restaurants in the US as well as branches of Cut in Asia and London).  The Source is his restaurant in DC which serves modern Asian cuisine.   This is a very modern, well designed restaurant with a bar area on the ground floor and dining on the 1st floor, there is also a terrace.  It is situated on the side of the Newseum.

Wok Fired Shrimp Dumplings with XO

Wok Fired Shrimp Dumplings with XO

Usually restaurants that serve pan Asian cuisine put me off a little as quite frequently they tend to do some food well and some terribly or generally offer a below average menu but The Source seemed to have a good reputation.

Szechuan “Dan Dan” Dumplings

Szechuan “Dan Dan” Dumplings

An unexpected amuse-bouche of green beans with spring onions and candied walnuts arrived which was a nice touch.  This was a nice dish, the beans were cooked well and the flavours were good.  

Sui Mai with Curried Lobster Sauce

Sui Mai with Curried Lobster Sauce

We order 4 small dishes and one main, all to share.  Wok Fired Shrimp Dumplings with XO Sauce were very good, the dumplings were well made and the XO sauce was quite spicy but the meaty shrimp still came through.  Likewise Szechuan “Dan Dan” Dumplings- Organic Chicken with Peanut Sauce were very good, again made by the sauce, here a spicy nutty number that contained authentic Szechuan flavours.  Sea Scallop and shrimp Sui Mai with Curried Lobster Sauce, was also a nice dish, the shell fish really came through and the sauce was rich from lobster and had a mild curry tang from turmeric.  Some sushi rolls were below average, showing that perhaps their Japanese dishes may be less strong.

Atlantic Salmon "Hong Kong Style"

Atlantic Salmon “Hong Kong Style”

Steamed Atlantic Salmon “Hong Kong Style” Baby Bok Choy, Ginger, Soy contained some well-cooked salmon that had plenty of flavour.  Overall this dish was pretty good, the bok choy and onions were nicely flavoured with soy and ginger and the chili and coriander on top of the dish added more flavour.

This meal was pretty good, the modern dim sum dishes were the highlights and I suspect that sticking to the Chinese dishes in general here may be the way forward.

2.5/ 5
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