A few Favourites in NYC

I am not sure if I love or hate the research that is required for going on holiday/ away on a trip.  Although I can tell you one thing; I cannot just leave main meals and activities to chance…

Don’t you love people who say things like: ‘and we stumbled across this lovely place down by the beach and everything was super’ etc. etc.?  Okay, maybe; but you are not telling us about the random places you went to the night before where you paid over the odds for crap food are you?

Anyway New York is a town I know reasonably well so here are a few favourites of mine in the Big Apple:

  • Eleven Madison Park – a 5 out of 5 meal being both innovative and very tasty.  The new menu format is interesting you can choose the 4 main components of the four main dishes on the menu, while there are still a lot of other courses served ‘tasting menu’ style.  It is also in a very nice building which is especially good at lunch time. There is just the right amount of ‘theatre’ that goes along with the food.
  • Jean Georges (see review here) – a great restaurant that manages both modern American/ French and slightly Asian fusion cooking styles to an excellent standard.  The venue is also very pleasant and the service is friendly and attentive; you can’t go wrong!  Lunch here can be exceptional value.
  • Del Friscos – okay I know I should like Peter Luger or Wolfgangs better but seriously some of the best steaks I have ever had are the bone in rib eyes here.  The other steaks are good but it’s this particular steak that I recommend.  Also the service is very good and the location is convenient.
  • Gramercy Tavern – this is overall a top drawer experience: lovely food, service and surroundings.  The sort of place you could go to once a fortnight if it was nearby and not quite as expensive, although the more casual area is cheaper.
  • 15 East (see review here) – a new addition for 2013 after my first visit.  This is some of the best sushi I have had outside of Asia.  Sitting at the bar and getting omakase served by Masa was a top experience.

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