Hutong (Dim Sum) – November ‘13


I have already been to Hutong in the Shard for an evening meal (see here) but I returned in the cold light of day to try out the dim sum and some other dishes.  In some ways it makes sense to come here during the day as you can enjoy the view a bit better, although without the city lights…  The dim sum menu also makes it possible to enjoy the food without having to take a loan out in advance.

Pouched won-tons with garlic-chili sauce

Pouched won-tons with garlic-chili sauce

We ordered 7 different types of dim sum from the fairly big list, all from the steamed side.  We also ordered two starters and a vegetable dish (… well green beans with pork).  The XLB (£6.50) were very good indeed up there with the best in London, the skin was very light and the fillings flavoursome, we actually ordered a second portion.  Pouched won-tons with garlic-chilli sauce (£5.50), listed as a signature dish, and were pretty good, the thick, sweet sauce was potentially overpowering but nice if a little was used.  Another signature were the Rose champagne shrimp dumplings (£6.00), these were pink in colour and looked good although I think the champagne was lost, they were still well cooked and tasty.

Rose champagne shrimp dumplings

Rose champagne shrimp dumplings

Crystal crab meat dumplings (£6.00) were great examples and scallop and pumpkin dumplings (£6.00) were very good as well.  Pork dumplings with hot and sour sauce (£5.80) were Beijing style, the dumplings were very nice and the sauce was good but I have had better.  The only disappointing item here were the lobster buns (£7.50) although these did contain little bits of meaty lobster I think they were lost in the buns, char sui works better!

Pork dumplings with hot and sour sauce

Pork dumplings with hot and sour sauce

A starter of five chilled spiced razor clams- steeped in Chinese rose wine, fresh garlic and chilli dressing (£13) was pretty good.  The clams here were not bad and I liked the combination with the very garlicky dressing.  Shredded chicken with Sichuan coriander and pepper dressing (£9) was served cold and was okay; it tasted quite fresh but lacked any heat.  Spicy minced pork with spring beans (£10) contained well cooked beans that the pork fat helped enhance.  My main criticism of these dishes is that there was a lack of spice compared to some places where I have had them before.

Chilled spiced razor clams

Chilled spiced razor clams

Overall we had enough food for 3 people to leave comfortably full and a bottle of sparkling water- the bill was about £32 a head, personally I don’t think that was bad value for this quality of dim sum, especially when you consider the view!

3/ 5
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