2013, a good year for food; however, London may be missing some truly top fine dining restaurants.

My top 5 meals in London (well really the UK but Bray is as close by car to my house as a lot of East London is) are shown below in no particular order: HKK, London The Waterside Inn, Bray Sushi Tetsu, London The Ledbury, London Gymkhana, London However, only 3 of these (at a push) would probably fit into my top 10 gastronomic experiences worldwide of 2013. Although granted I was lucky enough to get to visit some superb places last year. This may still be a sign that at the very top end of creative fine dining, London may be underweight some restaurants. Pierre Gagnaire (Paris) Le Meurice (Paris) Jean Georges (NYC) Pic (Valence, France) The Ledbury (London) Lasarte (Barcelona) 15 East (NYC) Jungsik (NYC) The Waterside Inn (Bray, UK) Gymkhana (London)  (I am aware here that the top 4 have 3M stars but then there are restaurants with 2 and 3 stars that do not make the list.) Also some more thoughts here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/926378


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