Scores: 1 M*/ GFG 4 / H1

Quilon is one of two Michelin starred restaurants in London that specialises in coastal Indian cuisine,  the other being Trishna.  It is in the Taj hotel and has had a major refurb in the two or three years since I had last been there, which has left it with a nice modern look that is much better than the previous one.

Poppadoms etc.

Poppadoms etc.

The poppadoms here were pretty good, they also came with a nice selection of 5 sauces and chutneys, of which two or three were excellent. To start we shared 3 starters, char-grilled scallops with mango chilli relish were very well cooked with subtle spicing that added to the dish. The best dish here was the excellent ‘Kothu lamb’ with onion, chilli, ginger and tomatoes, this was very soft and well spiced. Herb crusted tilapia with mustard sauce was also nice but not as good as examples that I have had in India.

Scallops and Kothu lamb

Scallops and Kothu lamb

Of the mains that we had the stand out dish was the prawn masala, this contained 4 big juicy prawns and the spicing was superb. A Quilon fish curry had tender cubes of halibut simmered in coconut, chilli, and raw mango sauce and it was a tasty dish.  Baked black cod was recommended by the waiter and was good. I felt that the subtle spicing did work, although I think that Japanese flavours go best with this buttery fish.

Prawn masala

Prawn masala

Black cod and chickpea masala

Black cod and chickpea masala

A chickpea masala was very tasty indeed; an excellent example of this dish, while coconut with asparagus and snow peas sauteed with mustard seeds, curry leaves, green chillies and grated coconut was also pretty good. The Malabar paratha bread was nice but was a bit too rich along with the food, and lemon rice was very nice.

3/ 5
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