Enoteca Turi


Scores: GFG 3/ Z 25/ H2

Enoteca Turi is a very well-reviewed neighbourhood place near Putney Bridge, as you can see by the scores shown above.  Also as displayed on their website they received a Critic’s Choice in the Time Out London Eating and Drinking Guide 2013 and were voted Best Italian in 2012 in both the Hardens and Zagat Restaurant Guides.  Thus given all these accolades one goes to the restaurant with a level of exception that that suggests that it is a restaurant that is worth traveling to. The restaurant had a good atmosphere, which was helped by the friendly staff.  It was pretty much full on a Saturday early in January.


Grilled squid with Controne beans

Grilled squid with controne beans in spicy tomato, Paccheri pasta and radicchio (£11.75) should have been a good dish and I love grilled squid but this was very chewy indeed-  I think in this case both the cooking and the product may have been at fault.   Much better was spaghettini with fresh crab, garlic, chilli and rocket (£16.50), the pasta was cooked well and there was plenty of crab; the sauce was nice but a tiny bit more chili would have been nice.


Spaghettini with fresh cra

A main of fillet of sea bass, braised fennel and artichoke with crispy potato (£22.50) was a big plate of food; anything was cooked well and it was well seasoned.  This was a good simple dish, it tasted good just with olive oil but I am not sure if some type of sauce may have enhanced it a bit.


Sea bass, braised fennel and artichoke

A special of sea bream with basil risotto looked in theory to be a good combination and the flavours were good.  The fish was tasty and well-cooked but the risotto was too under cooked for our liking.

This was a reasonably nice meal but it was far from cheap and there were some pretty basic mistakes.  If you lived nearby I am sure it would be worth a look but despite what some of the guides say I would not travel far to get there again based on this experience.

2/ 5
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