Bar Boulud (‘Yankee’ group menu)

Scores: 4 GFG/ Z 24/ H2

Although I have already reviewed Bar Boulad (see here) and have been many times in the past, I was invited to a friend’s birthday in the private room there and the menu offered had a few things I have never tried before, so here is a brief summary.

The menu we had was the Yankee private dining menu and the food here was, as the name suggests, more US originated than the al a carte menu which has a more French bias.  Although looking at the menu online I assumed that one would have to choose one starter and one main from the 4 options, I was wrong.  The whole thing was for sharing, including the burgers that were cut in half and the hot dogs were mini versions.

 Mini hot dogs

Mini hot dogs

The starters were a spinach artichoke dip- béchamel, gruyère, croutons, a blue cheese salad, Buffalo chicken oysters and fish tacos. Of these none really stood out but the tacos with deep fried coda and pico de gallo were pretty good and the chicken oysters are a good idea but the Buffalo sauce could have been better.

Yankee burgers

Yankee burgers

Mains were Yankee burgers, Somerset pork hot dogs, spicy lamb hot dogs and BBQ spare ribs with house bbq sauce.  The Yankee burger was very good, cooked well and having a lovely meaty taste but I prefer the ‘Piggy’ burger from the main menu.  The merguez hot dog with mint yoghurt dressing was also very good.  The ribs were decent but nothing on those from more BBQ based joints. The sides of fries, mac & cheese and red cabbage slaw were also pretty good.

Spare ribs

Spare ribs

To finish the ice cream tower was a kind of make your own sundae, chocolate ice cream was served along with sides of chocolate sauce, whipped cream, candied walnuts, marshmallows etc.


Ice cream tower

All in all this was a good meal, which definitely was not good for one’s heart; however, at £65.00 per guest it was probably a bit expensive when compared to the ALC.  Saying that the service was very good throughout and the private room itself worked well for our group and of course we were in a posh hotel in Knightsbridge.

2/ 5
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