Scores: GFG 5 / H1 / Z22

This Knightsbridge dining spot has been going for ages but seems to sit slightly below radar.  This may be to do with it being a drab hotel dining room or the fact that it is very expensive in general.  This restaurant focuses on fish, and on this visit I sampled the following dishes:

Wild Norwegian Red King Crab Risotto with Red Pepper Egg Pancake, Parmesan Foam and Wood Sorrels (£25.00)

Norwegian Red King Crab Risotto

Norwegian Red King Crab Risotto

Wild Scottish Scallops pan- fried with Duck Foie Gras, Jus Gras Wild Mushrooms and Spinach, Vermouth Chives Beurre Blanc (£24.00)



Norwegian White Halibut Roasted with Prawn Dumplings, Paimpol Coco Beans & Black Truffle Cassoulet, Sauce Nantua (£29.00)

White Halibut

White Halibut

Slow Cooked Wild Norwegian Arctic Cod from the Barents Sea served with Potato, Chorizo, Mussels & Razorclams Mouclade (£28.00)


Arctic Cod

The food here was very good, in fact it was much better than at the Michelin starred Angler (see here).  The fish itself was excellent quality and was cooked perfectly.  Some of the flavour combinations in the dishes were excellent; the Red King Crab Risotto was particularly good.  It was expensive but look out for deals on Toptable and also the tasting menu looked like a relatively good value option if you were in the mood for one.

One-O-One on Urbanspoon


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