Bo Lang


Bo Lang opened in September 2013 and appears to be an attempt to bring a Yauatcha styled place to the Brompton Cross.  They have gone for sleek décor, with prices to match, but you feel that this is an area where this may work.  The restaurant is fairly small but they have done well with the space.  Like Yauatcha its main speciality is all day dim sum as well as some other Chinese dishes.  We ordered a selection of stuff from the dim sum sections of the menu, including:

Chicken, black truffle shui mai £7.20

Soft shell crab with chili and lime £13.80

Pan fried chicken dumpling £6.50

Sichuan dumplings


Black sesame prawn toast £8.00


Fried turnip cake with XO sauce £5.50


Saffron scallop and cod dumpling £11.90


Sichuan pepper squid £11.00


har gau served with blackberry reduction (£6.00)


The dim sum here is good overall, not as good as Yauatcha or a few of the dim sum at lunch only places but definitely pretty tasty.  The nicest pieces were probably the saffron scallop and cod dumpling, which was very well made and, surprisingly, the black sesame prawn toast which was far from the greasy, tasteless form found in many a takeaway. On the other hand the chicken shui mai really did not need the black truffle, which made it too rich, and although it was not offensive the har gau did not need the fruit sauce.  Bo Lang is also far from cheap but in this area very few places are.

Bō Làng on Urbanspoon


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