Kai Mayfair


Scores: 1 M*/ Z 25/ H 4

Kai is the only currently Michelin starred restaurant in London that is not part of the Hakkasan group. It has been around for quite a while and has a bit of an old Mayfair vibe going on. On this occasion, we tried the following dishes.

Smoked Goose (£24)- had a nice smoky but balanced flavour.



Wasabi prawns with mango & basil seeds (£17)- a signature dish, nice but not as good as I have had it here in the past.

Lightly seared sirloin with a soy vinaigrette, shallot oil & chopped coriander (£16)- this was a highlight, almost a more Japanese style dish, with a fresh and sour sauce.

Soft-Shelled Crab with garlic, chilli & shallots spiced batter, peppercorns, green mango (£14)- good but unremarkable.

‘A Nest of Imperial Jewels’ (£13)- chopped prawns, mustard greens, butterhead lettuce wraps- this had bags of flavour and the textures worked well.

Roasted Chilean Seabass (£34) with Caramelised Chinkiang black vinegar syrup, mustard, soy. Chickpeas, shallots & ginger- an excellent dish.

Chilean Seabass

Chilean Seabass

Lobster & Lobster (£28)- Kai’s version of the classic dish of lobster and noodles in ginger and spring onion.


Lobster & Lobster

Soy & Honey Marinated Roast Lamb (£18) lightly spiced with red chillies, shallots, garlic and coriander, root vegetable ‘chip’, Malaysian
cucumber & carrot ‘achar’ pickle.

Roast Lamb

Roast Lamb

Grilled marinated corn-fed chicken (£18)- this is firstly ‘poached in chicken stock to tenderise and then chargrilled to flavour. Served with sliced pork ‘lap cheong’, roasted garlic, bamboo shoots, mustard leaves & shimeji mushrooms’.

Broccolini (£14) Chopped garlic, shallot & lightly salted radish

In my opinion this is one of the consistently best Chinese restaurants in London and is worth the fairly considerable cost.


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