Outlaw’s At The Capital


Scores: 1 M*/ 6 GFG / H 2

This is the first venture from Nathan Outlaw outside of Cornwall. On a Thursday this restaurant offers free BYO, which is an exceptionally good deal. I find it strange that it is offered on a Thursday as most BYO offers seem to be on a Sunday or Monday.  For those who are interested, a very good list of restaurants in London that currently offer BYO can be found here.

Fish balls and pea (AB)

Fish balls and pea (AB)

Unfortunately the restaurant had sold out of the Lobster Risotto, Orange & Basil, Lobster Dressing (£17), although the Red Gurnard, Crab and Fennel (£14) was a great dish, perhaps the best one of the night.  Although the others were of a very high standard as well.

Red Gurnard, Crab and Fennel

Red Gurnard, Crab and Fennel

Cured Mackerel, Horseradish Yoghurt, Apple & Turnip (£12)


Cod & Cuttlefish, Red Pepper & Ink Sauce (£26)


Bass, Leeks, Saffron & Mussel Sauce (£32)


The food here was very good indeed, although perhaps one of the reasons that this may have been the case on this occasion was that Nathan himself was in the kitchen.  I will definitely be returning, probably on a Thursday as if you bring your own fine wine this makes the final bill that bit more pleasing.

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