Chiltern Firehouse


This restaurant is the result of collaboration between Nuno Mendes (Viajante RIP) and André Balazs of the Mercer and Standard hotels in NYC and thus the restaurant attempts to have a ‘NYC vibe’. The first thing I found was that, while the service was certainly friendly, everything was slightly too overbearing, albeit in a casual way. I mean, do I really have to have “hi” or “good evening” said to me five times between the front door and sitting down?   We were sat at the counter which was a little cramped but watching the chefs at work was good fun.  There seems to be a nice bar scene and the cocktails were good.


Crab-Stuffed Donuts


Sea trout crudo with yellow mole, coriander


Grilled Octopus with aubergine & mushrooms

The menu all looked very tasty and it was difficult to choose just 2 courses each although we also had the crab donuts from the bites menu.  These were the real lowlight as although they were nice (in a strange way) I had to remove two bits of shell/ cartilage from my mouth- not ideal! All the rest of the dishes were very good but the octopus was particularly excellent and the pork was perfectly cooked.


Chargrilled Iberico Pork


Roasted Turbot, cooked and raw heritage carrots


Frozen Apple Panna Cotta

This was a very enjoyable meal and I would certainly go back; however, this appears to be the new ‘Dabbous’ in that is seems to be overhyped and according to our waiter there is already a three month wait for a reservation.






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