Le Petite Maison (Dubai)


Although I usually try and avoid going to restaurants that have a branch in London when I am abroad, LPM was recommended to me so many times for a lively meal with good food that I ended up going.  It certainly is a lively spot, situated in the DIFC and on Thursday night both the bar and restaurant were heaving.  It is definitely not a place for a quiet date but for a meal out with a few friends, I can certainly see why people like it.  The menu here is basically the same as it the other locations, with most of the food being imported.

We had:

Tapenade    (AED 25)

Burrata et Tomates    (AED 95)

Carpaccio of Scallops (AED 90)

Calamars Frits (AED 45)


Warm Prawns with Olive Oil (AED 70)


Grilled Rib Eye Steak 400g (AED 265)


Tagliatelle au Homard 165

Whole Sea Bream Baked en Papillote with Lemon, Herbs and Olive Oil (AED 195)


Salt Baked Fillet of Line Caught Sea Bass with Artichokes and Tomatoes (AED 175)


The Carpaccio of Scallops and warm prawns were particularly good as was the steak (not sure but could be up there on a value for money basis with West 14th) and the seabass.  The food quality here was comparable with the London location and indeed this is a great place for a nice night out but I doubt it is the best food in the city.


One thought on “Le Petite Maison (Dubai)

  1. I ate here while working in Dubai and felt it was a bit soulless in comparison to other Dubai restaurants and I felt rushed in the quick buzzy atmosphere – the food didn’t blow me away either. I’m interested to check out the London location though.

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