Trishna (Mumbai)

Trishna in Mumbai is very different from the one in London both in terms of food and the restaurant itself.  The menu here serves both Indian and Indian-ised Chinese dishes like many places in Mumbai, see here for a Wikipedia entry.  I have found this weird in the past but this time I had a few of these dishes in various places including Kung Pao potatoes in one place that were surprisingly tasty and I would imagine good ‘hangover food’.

We had quite a few dishes in Trishna, focusing on seafood as, like in London, this is the restaurant’s specialty.

Battered prawns


Cheese Naan


Pomfret Fry


Bombay duck


King Crab Butter, Pepper, Garlic


Prawn curry


Like in London the crab with butter, pepper and garlic is a signature dish of the restaurant and here it proved to be one of the top dishes of the day; the garlic although strong, did not overpower the meaty crab- the only problem is the fact that your fingers smell of the meal for some time…


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