Scores: H 2/ Z 24

Coya is a Peruvian restaurant and club by the people behind Zuma, the restaurant occupies the lower ground floor of a building on Piccadilly.  At dinner it has a trends to have a lively atmosphere but during a Saturday lunchtime it was only about half full.  The menu contains a lot of dishes including a vast range of starters and we decided to share some of these rather than order mains as well.  Some of the dishes have Japanese and other Asia influences which adds variety.

Red prawn ceviche


Yellowfin tuna tiraditos, ginger, fresh chilli salsa (£12)


Sea bass ceviche, red onions, sweet potato, white corn (£8)


Crispy prawns, aji limo (£10)


Chicken wings, spiced salt, tamarind glaze (£4.50)


Scallops with limo chilli crumbs, salsa criolla (£10)


Chicken anticuchos, aji amarillo, garlic (£10) + beef anticuchos


Everything was well cooked/ put together and it is hard to find again real faults except the bill can mount up fairly quickly.  At the same time there was nothing that blew me away.





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