Scores: GFG 3/ H 3/ Z 24

Donostia serves Basque style cuisine from a modern restaurant in a pleasant ‘village style’ street a short walk from Marble Arch.  We ordered a selection of small dishes from different selections of the menu including one of the daily specials: squid a la plancha.  Everything here was good; the basic ingredients were obviously of sound quality including some very nice ham.

Pan con tomate (£3.60)


Ibérico chorizo with piquillo pepper & watercress (£3.20)


Mini Wagyu beef burger (£4.30)


JABUGO: Cinco Jotas Jamón Ibérico de Bellota 3 years aged, hand carved (£19.8)


BAKAILAO KOKOTXAK: Crispy fried cod cheeks with black squid ink aioli (£7.30)


BIEIRA: Scallops with cauliflower purée (£8.60)


Squid a la plancha


Although it is different, I personally slightly preferred the food here to that received at Jose a couple of weeks before.  Here I thought some of the dishes stood out a little more and also the seasoning was a little better.  Unfortunately a friend was looking at the Scores on the Doors website the next day and proceeded to tell me that Donostia currently holds a 2, this has put me off making a further visit anytime soon…



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