Bacon (Antibes)

Scores: 1M*

Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche

Bacon is a seafood restaurant on the Cap D’antibes, which is a peninsula between Nice and Cannes.  Its specially is Bouillabaisse, the Provençal fish stew, which they seem to sell a lot of.  This is a very expensive restaurant – Bouillabaisse with langouste (local spiny lobsters) is 165e per person!  However, at lunch there are two 3 course set menus one at 85e and the other at 55e.  We ordered from both of them: fish salad and Bourride from the 85e one, and ravioli and simply grilled John Jory from the cheaper one.

Salade de Poisson Cru aux Herbes- local fish, freshly caught, served in thin slices, slightly marinated in lemon juice, olive oil and herbs.


Pasta ravioli, filled with a preparation of sea bass and truffles


Bourride- A variety of «  white flesh » fish filets steamed in a creamy fish broth perfumed with herbs and garlic


Fillets of John Dory grilled with olive oil, lemon and small pieces of tomatoes


We had Iced Nougat with Coulis of Fresh Raspberry and a selection of ice creams to finish.  This was a great lunch, although the food is very tasty it is also pretty simple (expect for the stew) and thus the food still feels relatively expensive even for the area but you also pay for the view:

Antibes old town

Antibes old town


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