Ups and downs of the Chiltern Firehouse

I have been once to the C Firehouse, just after it opened, even at that time it was already fully booked out on a Monday night. The reason I was interested to go was that it is run by Nuño Mendes, who used to run Viajante in the East End, where I have had interesting food in the past.  When I went I thought the atmosphere was pretty fun and the food decent but far from mind blowing- so ‘safe’ compared to what Mendes was previously known for (see review).


Apparently now it is full of celebs, I think the Mail is full of “C-listers snapped outside of CF” stories as well as to be fair some A-listers. Basically the Firehouse seems to be the same as the Ivy in its glory days now; if you are someone who has an agent it is fairly easy to get in otherwise it is basically impossible. Then if you do manage to visit you wonder what all the fuss is about (unless you are sat next to Moss, Campbell etc. and that is the sort of thing that you wanted).

Recently the Firehouse may have had a setback, although I am sure the celebs will not care, but it was awarded a 2 by scores on the doors and this was widely reported in the media. However, it also came 48th on this year’s Good Food Guide top 50 (with a score of 6), which gives some support that the food must be good, although on my experience this could be one to two marks too high.





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