La Pergola (Rome)

Scores: 3M*

Heinz Beck is a German chef who is currently in his 20th year running La Perola, currently the only 3M* restaurant in Rome.  He also ran Apsleys in the Lanesborough Hotel in London which is currently closed as part of a complete refurbishment of the entire building.

This was a fantastic meal, top notch food, friendly perfect service and a great location complete with a stunning view over Rome.  We went for the ‘gourmet menu’, the smaller of the two tasting menus available on the night.  There were a couple of dishes that I would have said were not quite perfect but the overall package here was so good it perhaps will go on my top 10 meals list.

AB- veal

Amberjack tartare with avocado and peaches


Carpaccio of scallops on amaranth grain and black corn with ginger oil


Water garden…


Green tortellini with seafood


Crispy red mullet with herbs


Cod cooked in garlic-flavoured olive oil on cannellini beans with salt cod snow


Fillet of veal with mushrooms, summer truffle and potatoes


Grand dessert




The one thing I disliked here, as well as in some other high end Italian restaurants, is the large water menu, a few choices I don’t mind but seriously can anyone tell the difference between 5 individual waters, never mind 29?

However, would recommend this meal to anyone and I hope that Apsleys reopens when the Lanesborough does as I thought it perhaps produced London’s best Italian food.



2 thoughts on “La Pergola (Rome)

  1. This blog is star studded with haute cuisine the world over but you have a problem with the length of a mineral water menu ?

    • Not really, places are welcome to sell/ do what they like but I personally find extensive water menus (and i am sure the water sommelier) a bit of an overkill. (Plus the blog is called Rants so I used to try and complain a little…). Even though I enjoy wine a lot I try not to take it too seriously as there is plenty of evidence out there that show that people are not as good at distinguishing between wines as they think they are thus I would imagine that is magnified with water.

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