Taverna Trilussa (Rome)


As far as I could see proper Roman food is pretty heavy and non-cardiologist approved; it tends to consist of cured meats, cheese, deep fried things, red meat and bacon fat. So after 9 odd courses the prior evening I was not that up for such a rich meal; however, when in Rome…

Taverna Trilussa serves traditional Roman food in pleasant surroundings not far from the main in drag in the lively night life area of Trastevere, just over the bridge on the west bank.

We started with some Prosciutto crudo con osso D’Osvaldo di Cormons which was nice enough.  We shared a pasta course of Bucatini all’ Amatriciana; this was billed as Rome’s most famous dish- ‘thick hollow spaghetti with tomato sauce, guanciale bacon and Pecorino cheese’.  The dish was very rich and tasty- proper hearty food, I would not have wanted one to myself though.  Two beef dishes were also deep i flavour and well cooked.

Bucatini all’ Amatriciana


Thin slices of beef fillet with balsamic vinegar “25 years reservei”


Grilled artichokes

Beef fillet soaked in Barolo wine







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