Cafe Murano

I am a fan of the original Murano (see a review here) so I have wanted to try the new, more casual, offshoot for a while but until recently I just never got around to making it there.

The restaurant is well located, just off Piccadilly and the room is well laid out.  What is very nice to see is that, especially given the location, that the food there is fairly priced.  All the dishes that we had were at least good, the standout for me was a well balanced mackerel dish and the slight let down was a under-seasoned halibut dish.

I would def return here- good food and service at reasonable prices in a location near to theaters and Soho bars.


Charred mackerel, fennel, orange & almonds (£8.50)


Wood pigeon, pistachio, beetroot & horseradish salad (£11.00)



Wild mushroom, parsley & Parmesan tagliatelle (£18.00)


Halibut, Romano peppers, aubergine (£19.00)



Cauliflower, almonds (£3.75)


Cafe Murano on Urbanspoon



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