The Eight (Macau)

Score: 3 M*

Is this the cheapest 3 Michelin Star restaurant in the world?  Well almost certainly for dim sum, 4 of us left here completely stuffed for about £33 each and that included 3 beers and tea.  At dinner the bill could rack up to be considerably more, for example, the tasting menu is HK$1,760 For 2 (currently about £70 each)- although that is still probably the cheapest 3 star tasting menu worldwide.

This was excellent dim sum, just slightly different enough to make it interesting but without muddling the classic flavours.  The attention to detail in the cooking and presentation was top drawer.  Looking at the photos below it is obvious that a lot of work goes into the dumplings.  They taste great as well and also what is not so easy to see is some of the effort that has been made in the cooking process to make multiple textures in the same piece etc.

A bbq pork starter was also very good.  The service throughout was excellent, a real effort was made to describe dishes and make recommendations.  The restaurant is also finished to a very high standard with the décor remaining fairly classy.

This was an excellent meal, probably the best dim sum that I have had by a touch; at current prices this is an absolute bargain.




XLB with hairy crab


Goldfish prawn dumplings



Crab tartlets with curry sauce


XLB with chicken essence and tangerine peel


BBQ pork buns


Crispy fish


Streamed rice flower roll with shrimp spring roll


Cuttle fish



Free custard tarts to finish


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