Kitcho (Arashiyama, Kyoto)

Scores: 3 M*

The original Kyoto Kitcho, in the beautiful Arashiyama suburb, is a very well known kaiseki temple.  Here you dine in your own private room, served by your personal waitress.

The food here was superb, although it was certainly not as inventive as somewhere like Alinea or even RyuGin, everything was top class; the ingredients were just top, top quality. The flavours were wonderfully fresh.; one of the best things about this meal (and less so kaiseki generally) is that you have a large, long meal but you never feel that it has been particularity rich or heavy.

This was very expensive but to be fair it was still probably cheaper than 3 star places in Paris.


Our room for 2


Persimmon, shrimp and vegetables with vinegar jelly


Salted and dried mullet roe with turnip


The Soup. Clear soup of pike conger and Matsutake mushroom



The First Sashimi- Red sea bream


The Second Sashimi- Japanese lobster and fatty meat of tuna


Snow Crab (grill yourself in your room.)


The Some Kinds of Appetizer- Seasoned salmon roe/ Deep-fried and candied goby fish/ Mixed seeds of summer cypress with chicken/ Stewed beef tongue/ Shrimp with moromi miso/ Deep-fried ginkgo nut Fish and egg cake



Tempura prawn head


The Grilled Food. Grilled tilefish with salt


The Steamed Food. Simmered taro, carrot, Shiitake mushroom and Kujyo green leek


The Rice. Cooked rice with Matsutake mushroom and grilled beef

The Pickled Vegetables. Salt-pickled turnip mixed with plum sauce and dried bonito Salt-pickled Mibuna leaves mixed with sesame and red peppers Salt-pickled vegetables flavored with plum sauce


The Dessert. Melon, persimmon, Japanese pear and grape


Rice cake with sweet red beans jam


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