Benu (San Francisco)

Scores: 3M*

Firstly, I do love this kind of food and this was a very good meal. Although, I am not sure about the 3 stars- is this clearly better than Tim Raue? Is it as good as diverxo? IMO not quite in both cases.

SF (28)

SF (29)

SF (30)

SF (31)

SF (32)

SF (33)

small delicacies

SF (34)

thousand-year-old quail egg, potage, ginger

SF (36)

bamboo shoot, peas, lemon, whipped cream

SF (37)

lobster coral xiao long bao

SF (38)

shrimp roe noodles, lettuce, roasted hen jus

SF (39)

smoked quail, nasturtium, lam kok olive

SF (41)

beef braised in pear, black trumpet, mustard, charred scallion

“shark fin”, crab, Jinhua ham,egg white

SF (42)

sesame leaf ice cream

SF (43)

dried apricot, osmanthus, almond

SF (44)



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