I really loved mt visit to DiverXO in Spain so, obviously, I was looking forward to this.

In the end I am not sure whether to quite like it or hate it. Firstly, we went at lunch and I was not drinking, this was probably a mistake, this is booze food! In fact the whole experience is conducive to drinking: there are a massive, usual, cocktail list, it is loud and neon inside, and the food is not very subtle. On the other hand, the loos are 2 stories above the restaurant so I am not exactly sure how much beer I would like to put down me! One definately should get in the mood for this place before going.

To me most dishes here seemed to have at less one extra (strong) flavor in them that just was not needed.


Stupid sized ginger cocktail!


Dumplings- the presentation seemed appropriate given we had just been at the RA.




Noodles (actually mushroom)


Soft shell crab




Thai squid


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