Tempura Matsu (Kyoto)

Like many, I was drawn to Tempura Matsu due to it being featured in the book- Rice Noodle Fish by Matt Goulding. If you have not read it, it is a worthwhile read on Japanese food culture. (Also, the Kitcho book is also an interesting look at traditional Kaiseki cuisine in general.)


I loved this restaurant, its modern style of Kaiseki meant that some interesting techniques were used as well as the ordering of the dishes did not follow the usual sequence. For example, instead of there being, usually fairly plain, rice being served at the end of the meal, here the rice course was served in the middle and it was both octopus and beef rice served stacked in bamboo steamers.

This was a great meal and I can only reiterate what others have commented and state the fact that this place has been ignored by the French guide is a travesty. Mind you it was completely full, including the private room, during our lunch; with no evening spaces being available the week we were in Kyoto so I doubt they care very much!

Appetiser dishes- bonito, crab, sashimi, yellowtail and lobster soup.



Hot tofu topped with uni- before and after topping added


Tempura (round one)


Iced udon



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