Koryu (Osaka)



I actually went into this restaurant pissed off and almost wanting to dislike it!

I didn’t…

They left us waiting for at least 15 minutes for our 21.00 booking, outside on a rainy night; we had to take cover in a building stairwell.  Okay, I know that this is a counter only restaurant and they do not have any lobby space (never mind a bar) but surely they have somewhat of a responsibility to make sure the sitting before finishes on time? To be honest, I would not mind that much but like many other places in Japan, they made it very clear that if we were late they would not serve us and charge us (via our hotel) the full menu price. Surely, it is unfair that guests feel massive pressure to be in the area early but they seem feel no pressure to serve us on time.


Anyway, after much apologising, they let us in. The service from then on was very good, despite only basic English being spoken.  The food was of a super high standard; all the fish, meat and veg were of the highest quality and the cooking was excellent. This was one of my favourite meals in Japan and compared with some places in Tokyo and Kyoto it was good value (although still not cheap!).



IMG_7078 (2)

IMG_7088 (2)

IMG_7091 (2)


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