Kushikatsu Bon (Osaka)


This is a very high end Osaka style kushiage (kushikatsu) restaurant that also has branches in Paris and Ginza. It works on an omakase basis but with the twist that until you tell them you are full and don’t want any more, they will continue to bring skewers to you endlessly.

This counter restaurant has an upmarket feel despite the fact it is the second of 2 restaurants in the basement of a block that is not far from Osaka station. Some of the ingredients added to the skewers are a tad ridiculous (maybe unnecessary) like fresh foie gras and uni. For me the nicer ones were sometimes the simplest, a mushroom had unbelievable flavour.

This is a fun place, with a very high standard of ingredients; however, it is very expensive and probably a tad bad value but if you are very hungry you could be a maybe be a ‘winner’ here!





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