Le Petite Maison, Nice


During a trip to Nice in the winter we called at Le Petite Maison for a quick dinner.  This is the original restaurant of which is now a chain of 6 establishments across the France, the Middle East and London.  I had been at the London branch before and enjoyed it.  The fact that we visited on a cold, rainy day in January was obviously in some ways bad, it had the benefit of the fact that we did not have to deal with the rushed, rude serve that I have read can occur here in the Summer.

Carpaccio of tuna

Carpaccio of tuna

We managed to walk into the restaurant but it was still very busy, almost full inside and with a couple of brave tables out on the terrace.  The bread, still served warm (rare in France- although probably because many people think it is wrong) in a paper bag was pretty good, particularly the olive roll.  A Carpaccio of tuna was average, with good flavours although IMO the cheese was not required.  Deep fried courgette flowers were okay, having more batter than filling.  A fish soup looked good.

Lobster linguine

Mains of a lobster linguine and Dover sole were good, featuring simply prepared good ingredients.  This meal was decent; however, it was pretty expensive and I actually thought that I had a better meal in the one in London; I would imagine that on summer’s day the true charm of the Nice outpost may shine though.


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