Sushi Tetsu (large sashmi and sushi omaksee)

Scores: 4 GFG

This must be the most difficult restaurant to get a booking at in London.  Well it is probably either there or Dabbous.  Unlike the latter I can very much understand why it is so popular, it is IMO the best quality sushi in London and they only have 7 seats!  The booking policy has chanced slightly so as to give you two chances a month to try and grab a seat, it is also worthwhile monitoring Twitter for cancellations if you are free that day/ the next day

Turbot and sea bream sashimi

Turbot and sea bream sashimi

Unlike the visit that I reviewed before (see here) I went for an omaksee menu- the £80 sashimi and sushi selection, I will give a brief report on the meal.  It started with some edemame, and then seaweed marinated turbot and sea bream sashimi, served with a ponzu sauce.  This was followed by 7 types of sashimi, of which all were great; expect the blow touched squid which was average.  Some blow touched mackerel with cucumber was next and was very good.


Sashimi 2


The sushi then started to come, there were 7 pieces in total, all of which were excellent. These were followed by a toro hand roll and then the meal finished with a piece of Japanese sweet omelette.

Mackerel with cucumber

Mackerel with cucumber

Another great meal, maybe it is best that it so difficult to get into, otherwise I would spend too much money here.


Soy marinated tuna

3.5/ 5
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